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Codename Vortex

The Vortex is a secondary weapon collected in the final few levels of the Cronus Frontier missions. Vortex is an odd weapon on its own as it does not do much damage at first. Combining its suction effect with powerful area effect weapons is where this weapons versatility comes from. Upgraded versions of this weapon increase duration or even add a damage over time effect. Multiplayer version of this weapon is considerably different where it is a fast traveling missile that can ricochet off any surface and then explodes after a set distance. It does high damage and good splash damage.

Base: N/A (Only available in Plus form or better)

Plus (+): Gravity-distorting Vortex missile

Extra Gravity (XG): Vortex deals constant damage, and more max ammo

Longer Pulse (LP): Vortex lasts longer, and more max ammo