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Multiplayer is a game mode in Overload where 2-8 players join an online match in Head to Head, Anarchy, or Team Anarchy modes.

Game Modes

Head to Head

1 on 1 highly competitive combat.


2 to 6 players in a free-for-all battle.

Team Anarchy

Two teams of up to 4 players fight for supremacy.

Play Online

Play Online will place players in matchmaking where each player is given a rank and placed based on skill.

Ranks are arranged from Bronze 1-3 > Silver 1-3 > Gold 1-3 > Platinum 1-3 > Diamond. You see your current rank during matchmaking.

Online Ranks.jpg

Private Match

Private Matches are created with a password that can be shared with a number of other players set in the Match Settings.

LAN Match

Private Matches played on your private local network.

Customize Menu

Players' ship Loadout, Modifiers, and Appearance can be set in the Customization menu.