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Facility Information[edit | edit source]


The action in Caverns centers on two main cave chambers, each with a large central support. A lower man-made passage and three other natural tunnels connect these chambers.

Caverns is a level in the playable teaser and has different spawns in the full version of the game vs the teaser indicated below

Auto-Op Encounters[edit | edit source]

Full Game

1 of: Kraken | Reaver

1 of: Scourge | Triton | Guardian

4 of: Goblin | Ogre | Harpy | Gorgon | Wyvern | Hydra | Scorpion

1 of: Shredder | Golem

Super encounters

3 of: Gorgon | Goblin | Wyvern | Harpy | Hydra


Always: Kraken | Harpy | Goblin | Ogre | Gorgon | Wyvern | Shredder

Supers remain the same