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Autonomous operators, casually called auto-ops, ops, or robots, are unmanned robotic drones designed to operate and protect facilities in areas unsuitable for long-term human habitation. Auto-ops are the primary enemies of Overload. Most auto-ops encountered in the game are designed and manufactured by Juno Off-World Automation or its subsidiary Cronus Frontier, and are designed for mining and light security. More heavily-armed auto-ops designed for military applications are encountered as the game progresses.

Autonomous operators implicitly function only with a rudimentary artificial intelligence. This is in contrast with a synthetic intelligence such as MARA which demonstrates an enhanced degree of awareness and independent decision-making.

"Autonomous operator" may refer to any drone that operates off a simple AI, and not necessarily only the large drones encountered in the game, as multiple audio logs refer to auto-ops turning on individuals.

List of Autonomous OperatorsEdit

Boss Auto-OpsEdit